Mariah Carey is going back to her roots for next single

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Mariah Carey is going back to her roots for next single

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Mariah Carey says her next single "The Art of Letting Go" will be going back to her roots. 

In an interview with CNN, the singer is dropping hints about what fans can expect from her upcoming new music.  She says anyone who has been listening to her music since the start of her career will be able to "tell that it's [her]." 

Mariah adds that "there's an emotion to it" that longtime fans will appreciate as well.  She calls "The Art of Letting Go" the one track from her forthcoming album that she personally can relate to "on every level." 

The single will be available to purchase on November 11th on her official Facebook page.  Mariah says she decided to release the song through social media because she wants her "international fans to be able to experience the song as well as [her] domestic fans." 

As for her recent shoulder injury, Mariah says she's "90% to 95%" recovered but still dealing with some lingering pain. 

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